Prayer and Fasting.

Take a six-week journey with Rock Point as we dive deeper into what it means to have courage.

During this series, Rock Point is excited to invite you to join with us in prayer.

Sign up for daily prayer reminders and videos by texting the word COURAGE to 33222.

You can also pick up a Courage Daily Prayer and Fasting Guide in the Rock Point lobby over the weekend or download it as a PDF here.

This booklet contains examples of courage seen throughout the Bible and will help lead you to pray for courage in your own life.

Prayer Guide

Fasting Instructions

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Prayer Guide.


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Fasting Instructions.

Fasting is one of the Spirit’s tools for strengthening and transforming grace in our lives. This spiritual practice is a gift from God meant to grow us and draw us into deepening relationship with Himself. If you do not already know this power and the importance of fasting, check out our guide to fasting here.

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Courage Class.

If you aren’t currently a part of a home group, but would like to dive deeper into our study on Courage, join us on Tuesday nights starting July, 24 from 6:30-8:30pm in the worship center for a large group study on the book of Nehemiah led by Pastor Mark.

In this seven week course, we will dig deeper into the heart of courage and how God uses ordinary people to do extraordinary things.

Free childcare is available.

Register now.

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Group Guide.

The Courage Group Guide is a booklet to go along with both the Tuesday Night Courage Class, as well as most Rock Point Home Groups throughout the Courage Series.

Download the Guide

Join the Class

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Group Videos.

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